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Mutesix Website


Mutesix is a performance marketing agency that works with direct-to-consumer brands to use various marketing channels to scale the reach of its clients.


The original Mutesix site started as a single landing page with details of the services the agency provided. As the company grew, so did its single landing page. Over time, the company’s growth and the additions to its site, led to the disorganization of the landing page. The sites focus was lost and all of the accomplishments at Mutesix appeared to be aggressively fighting for attention.


Web Design


Developed by TechyScouts, a Mutesix partner

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Out with
the Old

I was tasked with re-thinking the structure and organization of the content on the Mutesix website. The goal was to update the look and feel of the website and showcase the success of Mutesix as a marketing agency.

a mock up of the new mutesix homepage

the New

The first thing I did was meet with the executive team to determine what information needed to be prioritized. After several meetings with a panel of eight team members, we concluded that priority would be Mutesix's clients and services, followed by case studies, a portfolio of creative work and partnerships. Lastly, the focus would be on a blog and events page that would support the main group.

an animation of some of the Ui that is featured in the mutesix site

To ensure that the pages would not feel like data bases, a specific UI designed to make the information reachable for users was required.

a desktop mock up of the mutesix blog page
an array of consistent icons that were used on the mutesix website

Icons for this site were sourced using Shape.io to ensure that the icons would have a unified look and feel.

A mockup of the desktop screen of the mutesix case studies pagea mockup of the new mutesix our work page
a mockup of multiple mobile screens of various moments of the mutesix website

Mobile Design

In an early meeting it was revealed that most unique visitors experienced the old website on desktop. We concluded that this was because most potential clients prospect on their work computers and not on their phones. However, to include the peruse of Mutesix by phone, I took the initiative to restrict some of the available information on the desktop version and created many aesthetically pleasing triggers that would show more information for interested users.