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Performance Marketing


I have been working in the trenches of the digital ad agency space for more than 7 years. In that time, I have touched more than 100 different creatives, spanning a wide range of verticals. I was often supplied copy and image assets for creatives. However, it was my responsibility to provide art direction for all of the projects. Below are some of my top clients and favorite performance projects at Mutesix.

Featured Clients

Crossbeats, Larq, Ministry of Supply, Huge Supplements, Snibbs, Benchmade Modern


Visual Designer

Full Client List

Theragun, Truff hotsauce, Huge Supplements, Fur, Allbirds, Ministry of Supply, United Masters, Pinterest, Bragg, Larq, Patreon, Territory Foods, Snibbs, Aday, Benchmade Modern, Logitech,

a landing page mockup of the larq page launched 2019
a showcase of huge supplements emails
a showcase of landing pages and emails created for benchmade moderna showcase of snibbs emails from 2020